Yesterday Wednesday 13th Of June 2018 Gbenga Adene  was decorated at the Ekiti State University, by the Change & Resolute All Youth (CrayInitiative), as one of the change makers of the year in Nigeria, in conjunction with CIDMA.
The CIDMA (CIDMA known as The Cray Initiative Distinct Merit Awards) is a recognition and accolade established in 2018 by the Change & Resolute All Youth of Nigeria to recognize outstanding individual achievement.
The annual event aimed at facilitating the development and relevance of positive and inspiring people by providing a recognition platform for distinct people.
Cray Initiative is a non-governmental organization based in Nigeria with immense contribution to expand the frontiers of liberty, Human rights, Youth development and empowerment, Environment, Democracy and Happiness of People across Africa.

“In the meantime, please follow @CrayInitiative and we’ll keep you posted,” 

gbenga adene with olawale david oyinlade

gbenga addressing ekiti state university students

About Gbenga Adene
He’s no doubt one of the most influential Youths in South west, Nigeria; particularly in Ondo State. His an Architect and a Public Speaker; who has dedicated his time and resources to community service after his education. Helping the youths to discover and rediscover themselves. He is a consultant to many SME Business and has helped over 150 youths to grow their business in the last two years through his platform called HOWGA, acronym for Hangout With Gbenga Adene. He is also a consultant to Kick Against Molestation Initiative, an NGO that fight against domestic violence; also a consultant to Fingerprints in the United State of America, an NGO that supports education. He has organized a lot of programs to make live easy for all and sundry. He is the CEO of Gbenga Adene and Associates, an Architectural and Construction firm with 8 professional staffs and 25 contract staffs. He’s also the CEO of ThinkBox, a consulting firm that has been helpful to people locally and internationally. He was featured on one of Africa leading Magazine as one of the emerging leaders in his community. Through his annual event HOWGA, Gbenga Adene now has a clothing line with customers from 3 continents.

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