Menstruation or period or what do they call it sef, comes with different reaction in ladies.

Anyways, based on my own personal experience with girls on their period, I decided to come up with a list of their weird reaction when that thing they called menstruation falls on them.
Below Are 7 Funny Ways Girls React When On Their Period:-

1The Cry Cry Babies

These ones will be crying as if God that said they should be doing menstruation did not know what He was doing.
Aunty, wee you keep kwayeeet!!

2. The Foodies That Can Eat Anything

These ones will be eating anyhow on their period because as their losing blood, they don’t want to loose weight.
Wehdone ma!

3. The Complainers That Blames God For Creating Menstruation

They will even say God did partial, He should have kuku balance it and make men be doing the menstruation while they do womenstruation😂
Well, make una just know say, na wetin God wan use punish una for making Adam chop apple.

4. The Ones That Get Angry At Everything

Na so dem be oo. They will get angry at almost everything during their periods.
But aunty, na me kobalize you?

5.  The Laughing Gas That Laugh At Every Funny & Boring Things

They laugh most times to kill the pain but when the period don notice say the laugh don dey too much, the thing go rush come as if person open tap 😂😂
That brings the second reaction.

6. The Ones That Celebrate Because They Thought They Don Carry “Belle” But Period Came Surprisingly

When dem don do many bad things without protection is when they will be praying for period to come.
By the time period showed up, dem go celebrate like yahoo boy, wey just collect.😂

7. The Ones That Start Wishing They Came Into This world As Boys Because Of Pain

Aunty you better thank God that you’re a girl and you dey do period steady.
Ladies wahala, money spending and the way we dey always weak after sex are more than pains of menstruation oo.
The End!!

Do You Agree With This List?

Which Of These Funny Attitudes Do  You Think Is Common With Most Girls On Their Periods?

Feel free to add yours
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