The 4 Fastest Ways To Get A Guy Back After He Pushed You Away
You want your guy back and you want him back fast. Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Some of these ways will go against what feels natural so much so that when you first read them, you might think I’m totally out of my mind.
I promise, I’m not.
We are going to dissect each one of these one by one in detail. When we finished you will have every bit of knowledge you need to succeed/.
Here’s a quick overview of what we are going to cover.
1.Understanding Why Men Push You Away
2.Giving Your Man Some Space: Believe it
3.Creating Scarcity, Urgency and Fear of Loss
4.Being Direct and Handling Confrontation
Let’s dive right in, shall we?
#1: Fully Understand Why Men Push You Away
Understanding why a man pushes you away requires that we dive into these reasons why a guy might push you away. 
The results, were very honest and at times even harsh.
Most of the responses were similar and had a common theme.
Being annoying (texting/calling all the time, wanting to hang out all the time, etc.)
Crying too much
Fighting too much
Being too clingy
Being too controlling
Being too negative
Asking too much or moving too fast
#2: Give Your Man Some Space
When a guy starts to push you away, you can feel it.
He stops calling as much.
He doesn’t make plans as often.
He wants to hang out with his friends more.
He becomes too busy to respond to some of your texts.
You should give your ex boyfriend space after a breakup regardless. It allows you time to get your emotions in check and him time to realize he’s made a mistake by letting you slip away.
#3: Create Scarcity, Urgency and Fear of Loss
When you’re in a relationship it is only natural for you to get used to giving your boyfriend a lot of attention and spending a lot of time with him.
In the same manner, he is used to having you in his life and feeling like a priority. It is only natural that following a break up, your ex boyfriend still thinks that you want him in your life as a priority.
Creating urgency and a fear of losing you is going to make your ex boyfriend question whether he still “has” you.
#4: Direct Confrontation
A direct confrontation is something I wouldn’t advise often. Only in only about 5% of cases.
What does this tell you? You should only use this Fast Way if you truly don’t think any of the other Fast Ways will work for you or if you’ve already tried them out and they just aren’t working for you.
A direct confrontation can be really attractive in some cases. It has the potential to show your ex boyfriend that pushing you away is not an appropriate way to communicate and you can’t be walked all over. Asserting your needs in a relationship and allowing him to step up to the plate to meet them sets up the potential for an open dialogue about what each of you is currently lacking and needs moving forward.
There are two key things you can do to ensure that a direct confrontation has the best chance at success:
1.Know the reason he was pushing you away.
Have a solution to the problem ready and show him you’re serious about it!
Once you’ve figured out why he was pushing you away, you’re going to have to figure out what you can do to change that and how how to show him that has changed. For example, if you were too clingy and controlling by getting upset when he wanted to hang out with his friends. Perhaps you kept interrupting by texting him a lot You’re going to have to tell him and then show him that you’re okay with him spending time with his friends and not text him when you know he’s hanging out with them.
When confronting him, you’re going to include this in your confrontation.
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