Hello Everyone,
My name is Chibuzor, a student at one of top Nigerian’s University, currently studying Engineering, a course meant to be 5 years but has been turned to 7 yearscourse for me over my lecturer’s selfishness.
I had a little clash, I never knew about until now with my lecturer, when I was in 200 level, there was this girl I was dating, I never knew my lecturer has a thing for this girl too.
This lecturer has been failing me from 200 Level up till 500 Level before I found out he was failing me cause of the girl I was dating just recently.
The Girl in question has graduated and I am still in school battling with my Second extra year without hope of graduating anytime soon.
I personally met this man to talk him about it, but he said there is nothing he can do about it. But from the way he talks, it’s obvious he has a hidden reason for failing me.
I was able to speak with my Ex about the Issue, and she advised me to go and meet the lecturer and appease him like I’m appeasing the gods of my father land.
She later informed me that the man has been toasting her for ages, but she never accepted the man proposal, and the man is aware of our relationship, so the man felt I was the one blocking his own way to my Ex.
Now, I will have to go and beg my lecturer for something that is not an offense.. I don’t think that will be possible though, But I will like to have you guys suggestion regarding this my Life matter.
I will appreciate every bit of advised on the matter…
I will be in the comment section to read from you…
So Guys 👇

What Advise Do You Have For This Our Troubled Brother?

Let’s hear from you…
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