Odunayo Akintayo, a Nigerian woman has dragged her husband to the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, accusing him of trying to use her for ritual.
Chief Ademola Odunade, The President of the court on Tuesday dissolved the 15-year-old marriage between one Odunayo and Sunday Akintayo over attempted ritual and drunkenness.NAN reports that Odunayo, in her petition alleged that her husband made efforts to use her for ritual.
“The greatest blunder I made in life was my decision to exchange marital vows with Sunday who has exposed me to bitterness and horror since 2004.
“The whole problem began when he had disagreements with some members of his extended family.
“Then things changed negatively for Sunday because he started misbehaving.
“The most striking of his misbehaviour was when Sunday cut some strings of hair from my head and also seized my pant.
“I asked him why he took my hair and pant, but he offered no cogent reason.
“Besides, Sunday is a deadly drunkard, who often goes mad anytime he drinks alcohol.
“Most of the time, he returns home naked with vomit all over his body from his drinking joint.
“Anytime he asks me for money and I am unable to provide it, he breaks into my shop to destroy my goods.
“In addition, Sunday constantly threatens to harm me and if he doesn’t see me when in need of money, he sends messages, cursing me.
“I have been solely responsible for the children’s sustenance, please, separate us,” Odunayo begged.
However, the respondent was not in court to defend allegations levelled against him.The court’s registrar said that it was the third time the case was coming up for hearing without any message from the respondent.
The court’s bailiff told the arbitrators that the respondent told him that he would never appear before the court.
Delivering his judgment, the president said the court would not watch and allow any tragedy to take place before acting, hence, the need to dissolve the relationship between Odunayo and Sunday.
“Custody of the two children produced by the union is granted to Odunayo and Sunday shall pay a monthly allowance of N12, 000 as the children’s feeding allowance to the petitioner.
“Sunday is also ordered to make adequate provision for the children education and other welfare,” Odunade ruled.The court’s president directed that a copy of the judgment be given to the respondent so that he would not claim ignorant of the proceedings
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