Lasting long in bed is a God gifted for some people while some find it difficult to last the actual time they want which make them use different types on things just to last longer and which probably won’t still work for some.
What I think makes some men not to last longer in bed might have be the result of too much of sugary things which can make any man looks so weak in the presences of some girls.
Almost all girls want a man that can make her receive the best hitting of her life and to make this awesome, you just need to last long in bed and not just a quickie man.
All men have different duration on bed but at least there will be a normal time either 1 minute or more a guy should last in bed.
So guys, the question now is 👇🏽

How Long Is The Normal Time A Man Should Last In Bed?

What Is The Normal Time For A Guy To Know If His Sex Life Is Normal On Bed?

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