You are either in control or you are being controlled. 

It is pleasing and a winning bet to be in control but if and when the force of addiction is in charge, then you will be controlled. 

All form of addiction is wrong. Please note that addiction is not love or passion. Addiction could be a devotion, a habit or a problem. Every victim of addictions is constantly fighting to fill a void. Sex, Consumption, Attitude or religious belief. Love is unconditional and in it is a lot of discipline and with no complexity. So love and addiction are way apart. There is a root cause therefore to all addiction and the name is called indiscipline. You signed up for being controlled when you love the messenger much more than the message. The importance of any belief is much more in the message, rather than the messenger. You are addicted when no other truth makes meaning to you. Alternative facts are ways of thinking outside the box. You are addicted to today when tomorrow’s golden opportunities make no meaning to you. Tomorrow always makes a better day, if only you will untie your connections to the past events. You are addicted to the past knowledge when you fail to unlearn to relearn. New things are happening every day. Just like every other killer of destiny, addiction destroys. It leaves traces of regrets and loss of dignity. No one that is addicted to a substance or drug will tell you any good story of the side effects. Work and strive therefore to get out of being under control of any circumstance and learn to be yourself. The chief among other things you will need is Love. Love what you do, love where you are on the way to the desired destination, love people around you and love the true meaning of existence. One thing that covers up the multitude of all addiction is love. Addiction kills and it makes no sense to be under its subjective and cruel control. Be free.

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