Meet life with curiosity. Everyday is new even when the dawn is near.
Every second present us with a new opportunity to discover the awesomeness of God’s love and the beauty of His creations. Do something out of character everyday. Whenever you are in front of someone, keep asking yourself, “Who is this beauty before Me?” Keep asking yourself, “What else do I have to learn right now?” when you are faced with a new situation. Every picture has a story to tell. Bring your intuition to life by seeing beyond colours and faces. Even when you’ve seen them before, as often as possible, pretend that it is your first time you’re seeing everything or trying something. No matter how many times you’ve tried them before. Treat every moment like it’s your first, because it is – no two moments are exactly the same. Celebrate the uniqueness of every moment. Approach situations with whelm of reverence and gratitude for what each encounter and person is bringing you. Take time not to neglect. Complacency is a great catalyst for failure. When you are mindful of life, the world and His inhabitants….giving thanks and showing gratitude will be your nature. And with gratitude rightly placed, you’ll be unstoppable by the many forces of the universe. Be who God wants you to be by for acknowledging His presence in the things and people around you.

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