Pussy locking 🍑🔐 (18+)

How to lock your pussy during sex

•What is pussy🍑 locking?
Pussy locking is the ability to make your pussy hold your man’s dick during sex👉👌, in other for his dick🍆 glide throw your vagina walls perfectly😍.

Pussy locking🍑🔐 is the process of contracting your vagina In internally, while your man’s dick🍆 is inside of you, with your legs widely spread out. Locking your pussy🍑 will make your vagina wraps his dick🍆 so well that it drives him crazy😵.

This stunt will enable his dick to touch all the walls of your vagina🍑. Sweetheart, lock🔐  up your pussy and let his dick🍆 get a grip on😉.

The easiest way to learn & understand pussy locking🍑🔐 is when you are urinating. Try to stop your urine half way for 3-5 secs, or you relax and tighten the muscles that control urine flow for 3-5 secs.

If performed correctly and practiced regularly, this will make the pelvic floor muscles stronger and the vagina more tightened✊. Pussy locking🍑🔐 is otherwise known as the KEGEL exercise!

Now try doing exactly that when your man’s dick🍆 is inside of you, your man will never get tired of Fucking🖕 you🙈. This method also helps people that has loose vagina to feel the dick🍆, no matter the size.

You don’t need to close your legs for your pussy to be tight✊, because it won’t, you will just be fooling your self😂 Biko spread your legs and lock up your pussy🍑 for maximum pleasure😍.

Pussy locking🍑🔐 is very necessary during. 👍👍👍

I remain your sexologist


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