It’s no longer a news that the Ekiti State University Management Instructed The Students To Revalidate Their Studentship. 

The students were having issues with Smart School and not interested in paying again due to the fact that the ast semester payment made was for session not semester and it was also indicated in the receipt generated on the portal after payment.

Note: There’s nothing like validation fee

After students serious agitations on whatsapp and twitter, Comr. GBADERO took a bold step and the validation process have been extended with a week.

It’s important for students to pay for this second semester smart school the impromptu payment notification us the fault of the management,  they failed to inform Nigerian Students earlier that the payment was semester by semester.

GovCray took his time today to interview the SmartSchool CEO, Prince Ilara Idowu who firstly introduced himself as Alumnus of Ekiti State University and he proceeded to the explanation and essence of EKSU Smart School.

He further assure Oyinlade (GovCray) that out of his own generosities and love for the students, he have decided to extend the WiFi service to a few selected location outside the campus, so students can have access to the WiFi service outside the Campus.

He also explained that Smart school access points are programmed to be accessed by 40 users at a go. This is the reason we have numerous access points at all locations when the number of users increase, the service begins to drag thereby causing poor network connection, students are advised to logout and login to another access point within the same location to continue enjoying the super-fast access, we have also created many groups/platforms (customers care unit )for each faculty and for all class Governors for POSITIVE/NEGATIVE feedback so we can quickly swing into action and rectify any problem that may arise.

REASONS for their charges 

He said:

You will agree with me that our organization would be needing money to keep this project running. Unfortunately, the School Management is holding onto millions of Naira of Smart School fee paid by some of you and has also refused to do reconciliation with us. We spend Millions of Naira on monthly base on Bandwidth,Salaries,Sundry, Maintenance and replacement of damage Equipments 

“At first, with the impromptu charges I thought Smart School was a scam, because I asked myself why the hidden charges,  but after the interview I realized the impromptu payment notification fault is from the management”

Please Eksuites at large, let take heart and do the needful, no one is loosing his/her studentship, the validation have been extended. 

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