…by Olawale David Oyinlade

In the last few days what has been making headlines is how best graduating students of different tertiary institutions in the country got to be insulted with what was supposed to be  a reward for their excellent performance.

We heard about how a best graduating medical student was compensated with paltry sum of #10000(ten thousand naira), and most persons frowned at it.
Interestingly again, it was reported that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) gave the best graduating student of a particular institution the same sum of about #10000(ten thousand Nairobi), funny enough, most persons still cried foul.

In fact, different persons wrote to criticize what they supposed was an insult to academic excellence and I read and shook my head in disappointment.

I hereby write to declare like a prophet that this is a warning sign to all Nigerian undergraduates.
Instead of crying foul, I would rather we all focus on the lesson inherent in it.
The big lesson is that no one or company these days gives a damn about what you graduate with if you do not have the solutions to particular problems. Yes! That’s the truth.
You are not relevant because you bulked up your brain with theories to finish with a first class degree. No! That does not make you relevant in any way.
You will only be relevant because you can solve problems, irrespective of what you graduate with.

Why do you think GT-bank can afford to give out millions of naira to a musician who is an ambassador to their bank in the year 2017, whereas a supposed academic excellence is not celebrated at all?
This is stemming from the fact that as their ambassador, you make more money for the bank through different advert strategies that they use you for, hence giving you #10000000(ten million naira) as their ambassador is no big deal to them. After all, there is a problem you are solving.

You have a first class degree, so what?!
Are you the first person to have that?
Why do you suppose you will be treated differently all because of that?
If all you do as an undergraduate is study to get a first class degree, shame on you!
This is because when you are done with the whole thing you may not be any productive than a Nigerian university lecturer.

There is nothing wrong with being a lecturer, but everything is wrong with being a lecturer in a Nigerian institution.
Little wonder in spite of of some of our lecturers graduating with first class degree, there is nothing fascinating about them.
I guess that explains why the only thing they can boast of is the fact that they read for fourteen hours(14 hrs) as undergraduates and resultantly finished with the only thing that can be celebrated about them(their first class degree).

Campus is a breeding ground for you to start becoming whatever it is you want to become when you graduate.
If all you do as an undergraduate is go to church/mosque, attend lectures punctually and struggle to sit in the front row before one boring, frustrated lecturer, to receive repeated unproductive lectures, you are wasting your life.

If you finish with a first class degree today, that is solely your business.
You therefore have no business expecting anything in return from anyone (na who send you?).
My friend you had better wake up from your deceptive imagination.
It will only cause you more harm.

Sit down and think of what you can do for yourself. Take steps, make mistake, learn from them and move on with life. 

Stop wasting your life reading all night in the name of first class degree, just to impress your parents and friends.
If the pressure from your parents to graduate with a first class degree is becoming too much for you to bear, call and ask them to come finish it up for you.

There is no point celebrating academic excellence when it is no more than a bulked up unproductive brain.

Any academic excellence that can not solve problems is no excellence and therefore should not be celebrated. In fact, it should be scorned at.

NB: The write up above is solely my  opinion and is also subject to any form of constructive criticism.

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