Most of us believe Christianity is really boring, and has so many rules.

It’s okay, I used to feel that way until I realised no one has the right to define how I see God.
When you see God as someone you should fear, you’ll always be scared of him.
You’ll always see everything as sin, because of the laid down rules.

Do you know there’s something called reference?
I have a brother I called my father, here on earth.
He’s a lawyer, a disciplinarian.
A father with so, so many rules.
As a father, he’d love to act tough and strict even when he doesn’t want to, so we can do everything he says, so that obedience can come in.

But, no, it doesn’t stop him from being our dad and brother.
We don’t even try to fear him, we don’t want to.
That’s the way we felt a father should be.
Isn’t he our father, afterall?
We weren’t dumb to know most fathers want to act as disciplinarians.
It never stopped us from loving him.
We looked past the rules, and saw his intentions.
It isn’t easy, but we tried to.
We consoled ourselves with the fact that, we’re very stubborn, and if we don’t have a stern father we’ll go out of line.
That’s the case with God.
He wants you to be in a personal relationship with Him.
A father-child relationship.
It’s not always perfect, but it should be there.
You don’t have to cower in fear.
He’s your father, not an invader.
Love him, the way you would love your earthly father.
His intentions are pure.
His plans for you, are plans of good.

I don’t like to see people take this thing as if God is a Colonial ruler.
He understands we’re humans.
He understands when we sin.
He would never put us on the same scale with his Angels.
He knows that no matter how hard you try, prayers, visitation to mountain, we can never be spotless.
But, he wants us to try.
He wants us to keep walking towards Him, no matter how unsteady we are.
We should come.
We should run towards Him.
There would be distractions, keep coming.
He’s waiting.
The world we live in should never be an excuse to miss heaven.
Don’t ever stop trying, and while we’re trying don’t see yourself as perfect and flawless.
We’re fallible.

I’m Olawale David Oyinlade PKA GovCray 

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1 year ago

Wonderful write up bro….

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