When you’re an activist & Politician at the same time, you’ve got to apply sense

With all due respect to you, Mr. Sowore, you’re not being rational with your political movement. Probably, you’re still living by what you’ve read in government books.

Back then in school, we were thought the true essence of opposition in democracy is to checkmate the excesses of the sitting government.

When opposition is always talking about what present government is doing wrong, it’s just normal that current government move to correct those wrongs for the sake of his party not loosing out in the next election.

Does this represent the reality of Nigeria’s socio-political system? Hell NO!!

Being an opposition to the sitting government in the last general election, you went all out to call for revolution against a former military ruler without planning and forecasting what could happen.

You played yourself sir!!

Sowore Did Not Apply Sense In His Political Movement

In your quest for a better Nigeria and most especially to become president, you failed to apply common sense of reasoning.

It’s just few months after loosing out woefully in a presidential election, is the next best thing to call for revolution or a change in government?

You should have moved to start working on your weaknesses in the last election by gaining political popularity within large numbers of average Nigerians who don’t know you because they are not on social media.

Sir, do you think a former Military leader will give up his seat as democratic president because you and your AAC party members are marching for RevolutionNow protests?

Do you even consider the lives that could be lost in the process?

To make the matter worst, you staged a revolution after having a meeting with run-away IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

We are confused about your ideology, someone who wants to become Nigeria’s president having secret meeting with someone who wants Nigeria divided. What’s your real aim sir?

Sowore Is Too Much In A Hurry To Become President Of Nigeria

Personally, I feel you’re too much in a hurry to become the President of Nigeria. E no easy na!! Even Buhari tried it 4 times.

Mr. Sowore, how are you different from those Nigerian Youths looking for fast money through rituals.

What you’re going through now with the DSS and Nigerian government is the consequences of not waiting for your own time?

You’re still young and vibrant, you still have more time to strategize well.

The revolution call is too quick.

Sowore Killed The Idea Of Revolution Now Due To Improper Planning

Democracy is a game of number!!

You probably forgot this in your Revolution Now idea.

To stage a Revolution like this, you need nothing less than 85% of Nigerians to believe in your ideology and go with you.

When talking about numbers, I am not talking about number of retweetslikes or comments on social media. I am talking of numbers of real people both young and old on your side.

You’ve got to accept the fact that those Nigerians who are really active in politics don’t fvck with social media.

You did not take your time to carry large numbers of Nigerians along, I can tell you that it was after your arrest that so many people knew you were planning revolution.

Sowore Had No Escape Plan

With your wealth of experience in media and Nigeria’s politics, you should have forecasted the DSS arrest before or during the Revolution Now protest day.

You should have made your movement top secret and have a proper escape plan if things wants to wrong.

Even Ojukwu and some military coup plotters with guns had escape plan back then.

Let me not even talk about your choice of words during your RevolutionNow Campaign, you have forgotten that the same constitution that guarantees Freedom of Speech also has law of Sedition which forbids any act that can make people wage war against a sitting government.

However, my prayer for you in this legal battle is that you eventually regain freedom and hopefully you will play your cards right in politics after that.

I will only blame DSS for disobeying court orders to release you on bail, asides that, you are getting the right result of your political movement in past few months.

This is a bitter truth from a concerned Nigerian.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Do You Agree With The Points Raised In This Open Letter?

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