Going by the latest development at the popular church in Akure, Sotitobire Prayer Centre and more revelations about its general overseer, Prophet Babatunde Alfa, there seems to be more troubles for several worshipers who seek for miracle churches in the society.

Sotitobire Prayer Centre located in Oshinle Quarters in Akure and it’s GO have been consistently hitting the news headline in the last few days not for positive development but rather, a debilitating blasphemy to the name of God and sanctity of His sanctuary.
The church which was once a final bus stop for miracle seekers in Ondo State and beyond, suddenly came to national focus, following the disappearance of a child belonging to one of its members, Mr and Mrs Kolawole.
The child, Gold Kolawole reportedly got missing on Sunday November 24 after he was dropped off at the children section of the Church by his mother.
Following several attempt to locate the children which proved futile, the general overseer, Prophet Babatunde Alfa was arrested by the DSS and taken to the police headquarters in Abuja for interrogations.
On Wednesday December 19, hell was practically set loose in Akure after the pastor’s confession on how he sacrificed the toddler was made public. Angry mob descended on the church and the entire properties within the premises and razed it to ashes.
The development however appeared to have dug out more devastating revelations about the miracle church and its pastors which many worshipers were not privy to, before now.
It was revealed that before DSS officials could squeeze out the confession from the prophet, they had to hire the service of powerful herbalist from outside Nigeria who disclosed that prophet Babatunde would never say the truth except his hair is thoroughly shaved.
According to him, the prophet source of power is buried in his bushy hair. And surprisingly, as soon as the DSS followed the instruction, the prophet who initially fainted and was rushed to the hospital, allegedly began to reel out his atrocities.
He confirmed that Kolawole Gold was the seventh children in the church that would be buried alive on the altar. 
Asking how he has been doing it without knowledge of the member, prophet Alfa stated that each time he needed to do it, he simply made a commandment and a child will disappear into the unseen grave on the altar. 
It was revealed that the prophet was highly influential and has been a regular spiritual consultant to some class of powerful politicians in Ondo State. 
This was said to be the reason his arrest could not be effected in the state and while he was taken to Abuja, it was alleged that there was a pressure on the DSS to release the prophet.
On Wednesday, when the church was attacked, the Ondo State commissioner of Police was said to have quickly mobilized his men to the scene to prevent the church from being burnt down which consequently led to the death of two residents and a police officer.
For now, the public are watching with rapt attention if prophet Babatunde Alfa would finger those powerful politicians behind his move at the church.
Nigerians are also waiting to see the dimension his case will take in the days ahead.
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