Officials of the Nigerian Correctional Service in Akure, the Ondo State capital, have debunked the report going round that the founder of Sotitobire Miracle Centre, Prophet Babatunde Alfa, attempted suicide by poisoning himself at the facility in ,Olokuta, Akure, saying,”it is totally untrue,”.

Mr Babatinde Ogunleye, the state Public Relations Officer of the Centre, had told The Hope Metro over the weekend, while reacting to rumours making the rounds that the Sotitobire founder had poisoned himself in prison.

His words: “This news has been going round for awhile. Rumours like this cannot be farfetched. Even before he came here, there have been lots of rumours.

”But I can tell you categorically as regards our services at the Nigerian Correctional Service, that Mr Babatunde Alfa is doing well in prison with us.

”As I am speaking with you, he is hale and healthy. We are not treating him specially as he is a normal inmate like all other accused persons in the facility.

“I urged the media and others not to sensationalise his own matter. We are treating him like a normal inmate and he is living a normal life as an inmate in the Correctional Service.

”With regards to poison, we don’t have rat poison in the prison. We don’t have any instrument that can cause injury or death. We don’t even have rat and rat cannot survive in the facility.

There is freedom of information. People could check hospitals in Ondo State to verify if he had been admitted or not,” he added.

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