There are certain ideas many people have about the Catholic Church, but one of these ideas that are less talked about and not very visible are their numerous acts of kindness and impact on society. The Catholic Church, as we know it, is not like some regular churches, with steep protocols and conservative ideas, the Catholic Church has for hundreds of years, been at the forefront in aiding positive causes and issues.

The Federal Government recently announced that the Church (Catholic Mission) is donating all its 425 hospitals and clinics in Nigeria to the government as isolation centers to help in the fight against COVID-19. While the church has little or no social presence, a gesture as such can’t go unnoticed.

And of course, a gesture like this will always draw the attention of Nigerians, and while what the church has done is very laudable, many people will still find ways to air their views in contrast to what has been done. Some Twitter users commended the church but expectedly, others still hold contrary opinions to the kind gesture. There are quite a few other Christian groups who have supported the fight against the COVID-19, donating church auditoria, buildings and facilities to aid the government in controlling the spread, while others are against the government on certain terms. A few pastors still think that the best option is to keep churches open so as to “heal the sick.”

While other men of God are helping in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in the country, helping the lives of their members by supporting them financially, other men of God still are of the opinion that the government needs to remove the restriction placed on public gatherings as it affects churches. Other Twitter users are calling on churches who own schools and universities to donate their facilities to the government just like the Catholic Church had done.

Another angle to why the Catholic church is trending on Twitter are the zealots who are of the opinion that the church is a model to many other Christian denominations globally. Yes, the church may have been the first, but just like the Catholic Church, other churches have in one way or another contributed to the affairs of the country. Living up to the standards of true religion according to James 1:27’s definition of what pure religion looks like.

Although the news of the Catholic church’s donation did not come as a shock to many, the way it was perceived by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike is a sign of hope for Nigerians who are hoping for the best out of Nigerians and for Nigerians.

It most importantly also confirms the philosophy that faith-based institutions can not be pushed aside in the quest to build a country of pride that works for everyone.

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God bless you

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