I saw this girl on my way back from school we exchange contact at first she dey form decent girl Ok ooo

So I asked if I can come to her place she said no cos she’s very busy with cleaning I said I can help in fact I do all the cleaning in my house (if I hear??).. So she told me to come… OMG if u see Wetin the babe wear!

We went inside she was alone we start talking she was saying X rated things she told me how press her mumu bottom… to cut the story short she asked if I was hungry I said no I’m fine so she came to where I was sitting to pick something and she saw my D standing tall like a sky scraper I covered it with shame.

As if the universe knew about what was about to go down, ‘Now here comes the miracle’ by dice ft Lil kesh was playing on Tv… We start dancing oh and I don’t know what my hands started looking for but I could feel her pants wet so one thing led to another and I decided to finally face my fear…

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