The year began , man must hustle else man no go chop 
Lagos seems to be more crowded Sha , kilo shele gan gan 

It was in year 2014 there was this house in our Hood , mehn if you pass this house you must look back ten times , it’s too beautiful
It’s got a very high fence ,with soldiers securing it 
And as it involves soldiers you know what’s up naw, no hope for girls that like to snap on people’s father’s gates  


One faithful evening , i returned from my place of hustle , after all the traffic and the noise, chai Lagos no go kill man 

There’s this bet9ja shop in our street which I normally go there to place my betting, which average hustler no they bet  


I heard some of the yorubas guys arguing which almost result to a huge fight, and I’m the type that doesn’t like yawa , so I left there immediately 
The next morning was Sunday , you know the story naw, some will be doing their laundry and some will be waiting for 9am for bet shops to be open make man fire betting  


All of a sudden a black Lamborghini drove past our street , damn, men shock , and who’s even driving this lambo , NA GIRL OOOOO

As usual , guys started arguing again , this time around I paid attention to their argument 

There’s this upcoming Yahoo boy then in our street , himself they collect change small small abd he they show Love for the street

He then placed a bet that no guy in our street can get that girl riding the Lamborghini , and she’s the only daughter of that house that’s been guarded by soldiers ooo

He placed 500k on the Bet , damn 500k 


 my head scatter 
To prove his seriousness he made a transfer to the owner of the Bet shop immediately 

I went home and bought my white London (cigarette) jeje and started thinking about my life 
The only thing in my head was ” GUY 500K NO BE BEANS O” AND SOLDIER KOBOKO NO BE MOI MOI OOO
And if there’s one thing i’m very scared of that’s soldier

The next morning was Monday , luckily I won some little change from my betting, thanks to Corinthians of Brazil 

I went to work with much happiness, after our closing hour , i took my paddy (friend-colleague) out for some bottles 
And i explained about the betting to him , my friend is a Calabar boy and he’s got a degree in womanology 
And he’s tall and very handsome too , you must fall Sha
He then told me he’s interested lol, but i made him understand that it’s only for guys in our street and not outsiders

Anyway after the jollyment I went home drunk 
And i still couldn’t get my mind off that money which is 500k

The next morning I heard some guys discussing about the girl stuff, I came closer to listen , one guy made an attempt and got flogged wickedly, you know say e get the kind way KOBOKO go touch you, you go they confess wetin you no do  


Immediately i saw the guy, mehn I lost hope , my liver fail me straight , and to be honest I wasn’t very good at wooing girls then , I’m the shy type , but when it comes to foreign accent, smartness, good looks , I’m all there , I even spend all my salary on wears only 

One day our boss’s daughter was celebrating her birthday , she’s gorgeous mehn , but we wouldn’t dare approach her else no more job 

She invited all the staff which i was also included , I got my best wear on 
The party was held at Club 49 , for those who still remember , and our boss’s daughter doesn’t base here in Nigeria , she schools at Birmingham England 
Omo money sweet jare

8pm Sharp my paddy don holla my phone 

Paddy: guy how fa na , what’s the 411

Me: I jus they ooo , how we go meet naw

Paddy: make me jam for the club direct , when you reach there holla me cuz I don they road already

Me: ok no yawa

I hung up …

My friend lives at constain , and I live at ojota 
He’s to get there early before me , for those who live in Lagos will understand 

I finally got to the party, big man party and poor man part no be mate oo forget story 
I just sighted my guy rocking some bootilicious ladies 
I wasn’t surprised tho, he’s good at it 

I just got myself a place to sit where i can freely smoke my bass (cigar) 
I then saw this black Lamborghini , damn what a car 
Bet9ja money no they buy this kind car 
The lady stepped down , Bleep It, I can rub my pounded yam on her legs and swallow it with joy 
She’s a beauty to behold mehn , but who am I to come close , confidence I no get , money I no get , na only fine I fine , who fine epp

She walked majestically towards my boss’s daughter and they hugged and exchanged some silent convo due to the loud music 
I wasn’t still feeling the groove because I’m not a fan of Nigeria music 
I called my guy , told him I’ve arrived , my guy doesn’t smoke but drink rapidly 

As we were discussing about the hot girls in the party , the DJ just blessed my mood and played WYCLEF __ L.O.V.E FT EVE 
Madness enter my head straight , I grabbed a bottle of Heineken and stepped into the dance floor 
In fact almost everyone in that party loved the song as they danced to it 
But I was now wondering, could this be that same girl in my street or someone else 
I just couldn’t figure it out cuz ive never seen the face of the girl in my street , she’s always inside her car 

I went outside the party to confirm if she came with soldiers but i saw none 

That’s when I believed she might not be the same girl 

I grabbed another Heineken , and the DJ played Notorious B.I.G __ HYPNOTIZE yekpa I die straight 
In no time i finished the bottle and grabbed the third one 
The DJ wanna kill me with my favourite songs 
There’s one girl I kinda liked , she’s busty , and me I like big breast whether they’re saggy or not , as long as it’s breast and it’s big then I’m good and down for it
I moved close to her and whispered something into her ear
Remember i was already high on alcohol 

Me: babe you’re extremely gorgeous damn 

Babe: thanks 

Me: hope you’re enjoying the party 

Babe: oh yeah you’re handsome 

Me: oh thanks 

For my mind , did she just say I’m handsome  


I went to grab another bottle and light up my cigarette , after smoking , the DJ played Akon__ beautiful 
I went to meet this girl again and I started singing the song to her ears 

I see you in the club you’re getting down good, i wanna get with you yeah
I see you in the club you’re showing thugs love , i wanna get with you 
You’re so beautiful OOOOO, youre so damn beautiful ooo 

And she just said something 

Babe: what are we waiting for ?
Me: huh? 

I held her hand and took her to a room and paid for it with my last card  


We were both high 
I suck Bobby , bleeped her like no tomorrow
Damn I suck her boobs sotay her nipples come they pain her 

Babe: i love the way you grab and suck them baby 
Suck em motherfucker
I love the way you slap them 
I love it arrrrrgh damn

Me: I got you baby , you’re fucking busty and I love them big boobs 

Mehn I bleeped her for almost an hour non stop , Heineken seized my sperm 
At last i came inside her , she didn’t even complain 
That’s how we both slept off like babies 
Day break everywhere burst wahala oooo

Next episode coming 
Drop your comments,


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5 months ago

Can you please continue

5 months ago
Reply to  Ikon

Today you’ll get the full gist

5 months ago

When are you dropping the conclusion

5 months ago
Reply to  Olatunde


Handsome G
5 months ago

Nice story

5 months ago
Reply to  Handsome G

Thanks 😊

5 months ago

Nice story

5 months ago
Reply to  Rayo

Thanks 😊

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