Twitter has been exciting today as the video of a prophet surfaced

In this video, he emphasized what lovers usually say, the lies from one gender to the other.

This is very funny but in the real sense, this is what is actually happening in our modern-day life.

Watch Video 👇

The word “lori iro” which in English means “on top lies” has now been on top trending on Twitter as many are making fun of it.

See some tweets below👇

Now over to you 👇

Mention One Lie People Tell In The Name Of Love & Add “Lori Iro”

This should be fun 😂

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[…] LET’s PLAY A GAME! Mention One Lie People Tell In The Name Of Love & Add “Lori Iro” (Watch… […]

Daniel predans
5 months ago

I have never had sex before lori iro

Esther Adesulu
5 months ago

I will shift ur womb……. Lori iro

5 months ago

I don’t usually fall in love
But you are just special to me and you are also lucky


Daramola Oyindamola
5 months ago

Just the tip please. Lori Iro

5 months ago

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you cos i have never felt this way about anyone before

Diya Temitope
5 months ago

I love u pass my mother,Lori iro

5 months ago

Baby I don’t love her is you I love
Lori iro
Baby I don’t have girlfriend
Lori iro
My girl and I are not on good terms
Lori iro

5 months ago

“I love you” Lori Iro while of this things na “lust”

5 months ago

Baby I can do anything for you
Lori iro
Baby I will give you the world
Lori iro
Baby I can’t do anything without you
Lori iro

5 months ago

You are a gift from God “lori iro”
My soul belong to you “lori iro”
If you leave me I go die “lori iro”

5 months ago

I know who it looks but it’s not what you think

Olagbegi Ayomide
5 months ago

Baby if you leave me, I would rather die single than to date anyone else.. “Lori iro”
No sex till marriage.. “Lori iro”
He’s just my bestie.. “Lori iro”
Baby meet my cousin’s nephew from lautech.. “Lori iro”
It’s you I love not your money..”Lori iro”
Baby stop .. “Lori iro”
Don’t cum Inside me.. “Lori iro”

Temitope Olaoye
5 months ago

Just a couple of minutes discussion, guy will be like, “Your kinds is rare” aaaah Lori Iro
“I’d long to seeing someone like your type” aah Lori Iro

Adeola David
5 months ago

“I will never leave you” Lori iro
“He’s just a close friend” Lori iro
“I can’t cheat on you” Lori iro
“You are the most pretty girl I’ve ever seen” Lori iro
“I can’t wait to make you my wife” Lori iro

Adebuga Mariam Modupe
5 months ago

“I appreciate all you do for me” Lori iro

5 months ago

I’ll fuck you till you come Lori iro 40 sec man

Oluwasola oluwabusolami
5 months ago

My heart beat for u Lori iro
Every time I think about u Lori iro
Our wife Lori iro
Iyawo ore was Lori iro

Olaniyan Evelyn
5 months ago

Our Love is forever….
Lori iro

5 months ago

I can kill for you Lori iro
You are the mother of my kid Lori iro
My life is nothing without you Lori iro

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