The Lagos State Judicial Panel ended on a very controversial note after the ruling of the Presiding Judge.

The four members of the panel disagreed with the ruling of Justice Okwuobi for allowing the reopening of the Lekki Toll Plaza despite Lekki Conccession Company’s lack of co-operation in the investigation.

In a detailed video report released by Arise TV, it can be deduced that Lagos State Government are by all means ready to downplay the incident leaving all the youths involved in the Judicial Panel frustrated.

Watch Video Below:-

Allowing the Toll Gate to commence operation without punishing the army officers and commanders who were out to shoot at protesters doesn’t sound well.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

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[…] MAKE SENSE or PURE RUBBISH? Court Orders Reopening Of Lekki Toll Gate Without Punishing Those Behind… […]

7 months ago

Pure Rubbish….. I think the tollgate should still been on close to show honor to those that died till justice is serve

7 months ago

It was expected but it saddens me💔 that my country stinks

Daramola Oyindamola
7 months ago

Rubbish.. They are still denying knowing anything about that night and now they want to start operations in that same place? Anyways,i’m not surprised. This is Nigeria.

Diya temitope
7 months ago

Pure rubbish.. cause we are fighting for our right.

Olagbegi Ayomide
7 months ago

PURE RUBBISH MEHN.. those behind the shooting must be brought to book before thinking of opening the gate.. this shows how much our country encourages crime. This shouldn’t even be coming from the judicial arm of the government. So sad we have a bad and corrupt system of government in Nigeria. Those people that died for their country are heroes that should be honoured

7 months ago

Can you imagine…they claimed they knew nothing about it….so why did they actually locked it before… it’s so obvious they know all that occurred…. straight down to the evidence and DJ switch..they even went as far in searching for the lady(DJ SWITCH)..Till she ran out of the country….now that they wanna open it back…they obviously we never do anything about it….and still it’s pure rubbish… even if it common apology to Nigerians….it will still show some concerns…but they did nothing….God sees it all…I pray our land be heal….

7 months ago

Just greedy people missing their meal ticket

7 months ago

Just greedy people missing their meal ticket

7 months ago

Totally rubbish…..first what do they do with the money made from there because there is no benefits we get as a lagosian not to talk of been a Nigerian Secondly I see no reason why they should open it if they can’t confess their sins and openly ask for forgiveness for Nigerians because we deserve that much from they especially those that lost their love ones. Because I strongly believe that the soildier won’t go there if they are not instructed to do so Thirdly opening lekki tollgate is just another form of stealing from Nigeria about 3 to 4… Read more »

7 months ago

They shouldn’t open it already to show respect and honor to the lost life
They honor the dead
Even if they won’t to because this is not a democratic government they do what they won’t but let they reach out to those that lost their love ones
The money from lekki tollgate is of no use to Nigeria especially lagosian

Temitope Olaoye
7 months ago

Pure Rubbish….
No better comment than that.

There’s no justification for the re-opening

Adeola David
7 months ago

Pure rubbish!😫

Adebuga Mariam Modupe
7 months ago

Reopening of lekki toll gate without apprehending those behind the shootings is pure disrespect on the the souls of the deceased….. May their souls rest in peace

7 months ago

Pure rubbish, arrant nonsense, make dem come, we’ll be waiting for them, e be like sey Ogun wan kill all of them, won ma sofo danu ni, aye won ma baje, make dem first tell us the werey that ordered the shooting that day, even at that gan we can’t allow them to open lekki tollgate again because that place is supposed to be a landmark for the lives lost, dem no even wait make small breeze blow sef , mehn this pple are wicked o, omo. God should intervene o

Olaniyan Evelyn
7 months ago

I wouldn’t blame them. They careless for the lives of the citizen before. The locked-down of the toll gate in the first instance wasn’t because they want to honour those that died, but to make the world see them as a Saint in the matter, which they are not.

Now that the resources coming from that place was cut short for a while now, it has not been easy for them. Our leaders are…….

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