By Dunni Plug


1. Anal Sex: Sex through the anus.
2. MouthAction: Sex through the mouth.
3. Fornication: A single person having sex but not marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:2
4. Outright Adultery: A married man or woman having sex with another person.
5. Homosexual: Man to man sex. Roman 1:26 ,27
6. Lesbianism: A woman to woman sex. Roman 1:26,27
7. Incest: Sex among family members.
8. Divorcee having sex with another person while the spouse is still alive. Matthew 19:9
9. Masturbation: Sex within the body.
10. Sex with toys.
11 Sex with animals
12. Sexual Assaults or Rape Job 31:1
13 Sex with any objects
14. Sex in co-habitation: Men and women living together having sex without marriage.
15. Sex in courtship
16. Sex with someone’s boss in the office.
17. Sex with prostitutes or commercial sex workers.
18. Sex for marks in schools.
19. Sex for contracts.
20. Sex for employments
21 Sex in the heart(heart adultery) Matthew 5:27,28
22. A Widow or Widower having sex without proper marriage., etc
23. Lust of the flesh 1 Thesselonian 4:4,5
24. Lust of the eyes Matthew 5:27,28
25. Pornography
26. Immoral jokes and speech
27. Naked and seductive dressing Philippians 4:5; 1 Timothy 2:9
28. Having eyes full of adultery Colossian 3:5
29. Ungodly thoughts Colossian 3:5;
30. Evil imaginations.
etc, etc, etc.

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5 months ago

If we commot all these sex examples, which one we go con do?

5 months ago
Reply to  Olatunde

Lol the missionary 😂

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