Reports reaching us is that the CEO of, an investment platform which specializes in logistics, virtual reality and real estate, Mr. Ayanso Mma, has been detained by the Economic and financial crimes commission in Oketobo, Lagos state.

The genesis of his arrest started when  started experiencing difficulties in paying investors their return on investment around October. After series of complaints from clients, the comment section of their Instagram was restricted to curb dissent. But unfortunately, anger and impatience only grew amongst investors who had only not received their ROI, but their initial capital too.

As the complaints became noisier, the CEO of, Anyanso MMA,  proposed a town hall meeting with investors to discuss ways in which money can be refunded. Unknown to investors, had initially received a warning from the security and exchange commission on the 7th of October, advising the platform to desist from collecting money from investors under the guise of investments which they termed illegal. But Mr Ayanso didn’t heed to the warning, he went ahead to market a new promo for an investment product that was termed CRMI, bearing in mind that he had no intentions of paying investors.

He then tried to move a sum of 800 million naira into a Zenith bank account while he was under investigation for unknown reasons that was later flagged by the bank after which the EFCC was invited which led to his arrest.

We will be updating you as the case unfolds.

CrayTv wants to use the opportunity to advice readers to desist from platforms which promises unrealistic return on investment, as such platforms are fraudulent or doomed to fail.

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Stay tuned to CRAY TV for more UPDATES opportunities and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for news at your doorsteps.

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3 months ago

Good for him

[…] EFCC detains CEO. […]

[…] EFCC detains CEO. […]

[…] EFCC detains CEO. […]

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