Writer, Journalist, Actor and Business Man.

Olawale David Oyinlade (GovCray) is a Nigerian Writer, Journalist, Advocate, Actor and Cinematographer & Business man.

Young Positive Change Maker, Passionate about Transparency & peace building.

GovCray is a Nigerian actor, singer, film-maker, producer and director, born and raised in Akure, Ondo State.

He gained popularity with his short video message and has acted in multiple movies since then.

Olawale David Oyinlade hosts “Who’s Faulty Show (A relationship show),” One of Nigeria’s most-watched online tv relationship show.

GovCray is a Nigerian writer (satirist, essayist, mystery, fabulist)

GovCray is Cray Television’s News Correspondent, and a multiple-award winning investigative journalist.

His experience in the broadcast industry spans over years.

GovCray has led the station’s team in the coverage of several news in Nigeria, making CrayTv the television station to watch anytime.

GovCray reports have elicited government attention to seemingly forgotten communities, and abandoned or neglected developmental projects.

He has interviewed some of Nigeria’s most prominent leaders including serving Governors, Kings, and former leaders.

Born: 18 April 1996, Akure, Ondo State Nigeria

Occupation: Journalist(Blogger), Writer, Actor & Business Man

Years active: (2012-present)

Notable work: “CIDMA”

Siblings: Adeola Austin Oyinlade, Ademola Oyinlade

Website: GovCray.com, CraytvNG.com

Books: Solution To Your Ambition Problem

Heights: 1.82m

Awards: 2018 Ekiti State University Campus Award (2) as Online personality of the year and student Blogger of the year, Nigeria Association Of Science Education Student as Journalist Of The Year 2020, Nigeria Association Of Arts & Language Education Student As The Best Author With Motivational Books 2019, Cray Initiative Distinct Merit Award as the Journalist Of The Year 2020, Nigeria Association Of Arts & Language Education Student as Comrade with Transparency and Enduring Legacy 2020.

Education: Ekiti State University

Early Life:

Movies: Who’s Faulty

Articles: Move, Act


YouTube: Olawale David Oyinlade

FaceBook: Olawale David Oyinlade

Twitter: @GovCray

Instagram: @GovCray

Youth and Global Development

Peace Building, Advocacy and Public speaking

What People Say

What will be will be

Olawale David Oyinlade

Proper preparation prevent poor performance

Olawale David Oyinlade

All mistakes in life can still be a design don’t break.

Olawale David Oyinlade

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